What are the prices for Botox?

$300 for 1 area, $550 for 2 areas and $750 for 3 areas.

Where is Botox injected?

The three areas Botox is administered are the Glabella (area between the eyebrows), forehead and crows feet.

How much Botox is used per area?

20 units per area.

What are the prices of Juvederm?

$750 for the first syringe, $650 for each additional syringe. However some patients may not need a full syringe and this should be discussed with the doctor at the time of your consultation.

What are the areas Juvederm is injected into?

Juvederm is administered for the Smile Lines (Parentheses), Marionette Lines and Vertical Lines.

Are there any side effects to the injectibles?

There is a possibility for small bumps at the injection site, these are normal and will resolve within a day or two. Some patients experience minor bruising.

How long is the down time and are there any restrictions after receiving an injectible?

There is a 24 hour window frame in which you should not use anything abrasive on your face. You should restrict from heavy physical activity for about 4 hours, this includes working out.

What is TriPollar RF?

TriPollar Radio Frequency (RF) technology is an innovative proprietary 3rd generation RF technology developed by Pollogen Ltd. TriPollar harnesses the inherent benefits of RF technology and overcomes the limitations of previous mono-polar and bi-polar technologies. it is simple to use and extremely efficient. TriPollar treatments deliver immediate visible facial contouring effects from the first treatment- and long lasting aesthetic results without surgery or downtime.

What does the Apollo TriPollar treatment feel like?

The TriPollar treatment feels like a warm massage. It is pleasant and pain free. Some patients even report falling asleep during treatments.

Is the Apollo TriPollar technology safe?

TriPollar technology is FDA cleared and has been proved safe and effective in clinical studies. RF has been used in medicine for over 75 years. In aesthetic medicine, RF has been used for more than 10 years.

What facial conditions does the Apollo TriPollar treat?

The Apollo is cleared by the FDA for treatment of facial wrinkles and rhytides. Due to enhanced generation of new collagen and tightening of existing collagen the Apollo can treat sagging skin, loose jowls, jaw line contouring, sagging skin under chin, wrinkles and fine lines and a general toning and lifting of the face.

How many TriPollar facial treatments are recommended?

The standard protocol for facial treatments with the Apollo device calls for 4-6 treatments, However, if needed, more treatments could be added according to the condition being treated. Touch-up treatments are recommended every 1-3 months to maintain and improve treatment results.

How long will the results last for?

The results should last several months, however, since the body continues to age and the aging process cannot be stopped, it is recommended to undergo preventative treatments every few months in order to maintain your results.

Do you see children/infants?

Yes, we see both children as well as infants.

Do you see patients without insurance?

Yes we do see patients without insurance; however there is a medical consultation fee.

Do you have weekend appointments, what are your office hours?

We do not have weekend appointments. Our office hours are the following:
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